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by : BTF

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Story Synopsis


Here is our story for the short: There is no need to try to change it for us. But this will give you an idea as to our theme and vision.

This story has been in the works for quite some time on my end, but edited by the whole group. The final scene was written by Ryan Wing. A contributor to this blog and member of our production team.

Our apologies for the length. The short we are hoping to have around 5 minutes.


Sorry, I've had to remove the story until we're certain about festival rules.


  1. I'm in love with the story!

    I love the meaning and the concept behind it. I hope this animation does to me what the movie "Click" did. Live life to the fullest, which should be implemented into our heads more than it is.

    I believe that people do not think about death as much as me and some other people. Obviously the author of this story thinks in the same way, and for that, I cannot wait to see this develop.

  2. Thanks Josh! We are very enthusiastic as well!