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by : BTF

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September Update!

It's nearing the end of September which means it's time for an update! As of now animation is finished, lighting is about 40% there, and those last touches such as texture grunge and cloth sims are being wrapped up. Check out the WIP renders below!

Courtyard, Redux

Almost complete this gives an aerial view of our exterior courtyard and the surrounding city.

The Hospital

Watch for more updates as we wrap up hair, cloth, and lighting!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sometimes, things come together all at once.

A milestone we have been struggling with has been overcome. Those of you who know the team well have known that we have been both struggling with Hair and reference files as well as integrating Vue 7 for our exterior shots. Well, either magically or by sheer determination both problems have been cured in less than a week!

We are finishing polishing animation, a few shaders, lighting, and beginning the end of cloth and hair simulations!

Here is an early render with Max naked, but hairy. YES!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Render updates

We are now rendering!! As of tonight rendering will be 5% finished with about 2 months left in the project. Here are some WIP renders :

This is Max, from Scene 5, shot 4

This is a WIP render from scene 5, shot 1 - there is still a little more to do

This is our waiting room on a brightly lit day, around 2pm. It's pretty close.

This is the hospital hallway at the same time

This is a more recent hospital exterior shot

And a close up of the bridge

One of the more interesting challenges we've run into recently.

Lots of rendering will be happening over the next month, so watch for updates! We'll be posting a few animated shots.