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by : BTF

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Render updates

We are now rendering!! As of tonight rendering will be 5% finished with about 2 months left in the project. Here are some WIP renders :

This is Max, from Scene 5, shot 4

This is a WIP render from scene 5, shot 1 - there is still a little more to do

This is our waiting room on a brightly lit day, around 2pm. It's pretty close.

This is the hospital hallway at the same time

This is a more recent hospital exterior shot

And a close up of the bridge

One of the more interesting challenges we've run into recently.

Lots of rendering will be happening over the next month, so watch for updates! We'll be posting a few animated shots.



  2. Haha! I hope I remember to bring this up, our hospital exterior is 2 different colors in 2 different shots!

  3. it's looking better every update, can't wait to see the final piece

  4. Its come a long way since the animatic I saw a few months back! I'm excited to see the final result!

  5. The scale of the red brick on the hospital is way too big and the pill box is pretty big compared tothe phone and the glasses....other than that nice renders.