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by : BTF

Friday, March 20, 2009

Here is the most recent render test. Thanks to suggestions given to me by a SME, David (DJX), and the need to have a color render to show next week, I went ahead and started roughing the lighting and texturing out a bit more. This image uses physical sun and sky with a portal light. Both GI and FG are in use. The final render was tweaked in Lightroom.


  1. Thanks Josh! I checked out your site and enjoyed your work. If you have any thoughts on how to improve any of this I'd love your insight!

  2. I'd like to improve it. :) And yes, it is very impressive.

  3. Wow, didn't know that was going through hahaha
    -The dropoff of soft orange to shadow from the area light is fantastic.
    -The couch and texture application looks very sound.
    -The reflections and metallic surfaces are looking well represented.
    -The bump on the wood floor needs to be more subtle
    -There is some aliasing, and I'm not sure if it's because this is a jpeg, rezzed down or if the aliasing in mental ray needs to be upped to 3 and Mitchell-Netravalli
    -The left side table needs more shadow to keep it grounded to the floor. Maybe an additional directional light, just for shadows only might help.
    This is a fantastic start and got a good wow from my students who were in my office today. :)

  4. Thanks Clint for the Critique! You are certainly correct about the need to tweak the bumps and ground some of the object down better. I'll go through and make those changes tomorrow (I'm taking a night off :) Thanks for pointing them out.
    The aliasing is due to the down-rez and for-web jpeg export.
    I'll come bother you with some of the more 'artsy' renders when they are further developed.

  5. First off it looks awesome. It might be just me, but depending on the feel of the room you are trying to give off im unsure of, but it seems like the light from the window should make the room a lot brighter than it is. With as small as the room is and as big as the window is, I would say maybe make the room a bit brighter or tint the window a bit. Just a thought, I dont know if anyone would agree to that though.