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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April Update

Hey Everyone :)

A couple people have asked me why there are no updates! Well, since the last update we've changed the story a bit and had to re-assign responsibilities. But this doesn't mean that the work we've already done, like the characters or the hospital are no longer necessary. On the contrary! They are even a larger part of the story! I'll attach a couple things that illustrate where the project is headed.

This is a snapshot of the hospital layout. The room I had rendered previously is room 208 on the diagram below. Right now I am working through blueprints to make the modeling go a little smoother, but this gives the idea.

So we're stilling having spirited meetings every Wednesday to show off our progress and plan the next week. Right now our goal is to have all modeling finished on June 15th. I think we'll do it.
Also I had mentioned that the story had been reworked - this is essentially it.
Sorry, I've had to remove the story until we're certain about festival rules.

1 comment:

  1. I love the new story!! It is so much clearer and yet the meaning can be taken many different ways depending on how you read it! Way to go! A couple of minor things...coming from the medical field I see a couple of flaws that should be addressed. The beginning of the story says that you walk onto an intensive care unit. Those on ICU would never be allowed to leave the floor unattended nor would they be physically able. I would maybe make it a cardiovascular unit or a hematology/oncology unit. Second, was the pill box...but i have just been informed that this is not a negotiable part of the story so I won't even go there! So good job!!